about me

hi, i’m kiera, a wife, a missionary and a story teller – at least i’m trying to be.

i love cows and chocolate and the color orange and this blog is about my life.

my husband nate is the best man in the whole world – he likes to snuggle (sometimes) and he makes me laugh.  he’s an international musician (he played for a camp in England once…now he just keeps it local) and he can fix just about anything. he restores furniture for a living and i do this – blog from our home. you could say we’re pretty hip.

we live in a sweet little small town, filled with friendly people and lots of love, you’ve probably never heard of it – Ferguson, MO.

we moved here a year ago (september) and this became our home and mission base. we committed for a year and we loved it so much that we decided to stay.

we were missionaries – did i mention that.  our mission with Life Teen brought us here to serve at an awesome parish named after an awesome lady.  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (BTC) is our home and our community.

we are missionaries – we believe in Jesus more than anything and we want to spread his love.

i’m just starting this whole blogging thing – i like it – i hope you do too.  this is where i write my dreams, my sorrows, my joys, my fears and my adventures.  i promise i’ll try to keep it interesting – no one has ever said that i was boring.

if you like what you read, let me know, and pass it along to your friends, family, dogs, whoever.

if you don’t like it then pretend like you’ve never been here.

like i said i’ll try to keep it interesting.  our heartbeat is the prayer “complete my joy” and i hope you’ll join us on this journey.

with love



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