Hello again my friends!  I’m sorry that it’s been so long.  We moved about a week and half ago and have been busy settling into our new home.  As exciting as it is to be in a new home that is all our own this last week has been chaos.  The daily visits from handymen, plumbers, painters and maids have left me anxious for a quiet put together home where I can sit and rest and not constantly wonder “who’s at the door this time?”

This week has been filled with boxes and piles of clothes and unwelcome friends (mice and spiders!); it’s been busy and chaotic and my heart has reflected my space – unsettled.

If I’m sure of anything today it’s that my interior space reflects my exterior space.  I need things to have a purpose and a place – old boxes, books without shelves, and clothes still in suitcases is not OK.  It seems for every problem solved another one arises. We got a brand new kitchen but the oven doesn’t work.  The plumber came to unclog the tub drain which resulted in another plumber needing to come this weekend.  But I’m not here to complain.

I’m here to say that though there has to be a certain detachment from material things in the life of any Christian, it’s also beautiful to see how order in our material and exterior lives leads to order in our interior and spiritual lives.

I know that when my spirit is tired and aching for hope or love or a prayer answered that it’s no coincidence that my room gets a little messy.  I know too that when my prayer is consoling and I feel alive that sitting on a cozy chair in a clean room is that much sweeter.  I’m not saying that if your house is a mess or that if you hate doing the dishes that you’re pushing yourself away from God.  I’m saying that in order for me to have clear and fruitful prayer or formation at home than I need an ordered space, and I don’t think it’s because of OCD.

It says in Genesis that “when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void” (Gen 1:1-2).  A formless void?  Like a black hole or something?  I don’t know, my brother is the physicist.  But here we have God creating the earth from this void.  He put order to the disorder.  He gave purpose to the random and meaning where there was chaos.  The result of God’s creation was a garden, beautiful and abundant and everything and everyone in it lived in harmony with Him.  Sin threw us back into that void – there was a gap between God and man and man was filled with confusion and despair and darkness.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

It continues in the hundreds and hundreds of years of God promising His people a Messiah, a Savior, and then finally delivering them one – Jesus, the Son of the Living God.  Jesus put the world back in order by offering freedom from sin and death and a way for us to live in harmony with God and His creation once again.

God desires that there be order in our lives because order leads to freedom and freedom leads to life everlasting with the one who created us.  So as silly as it may sound, my desire to live in a home without the chaos of renovations and trying to make things fit is a proof that I belong to the Creator (because I am like Him) and a proof that my heart can find rest and peace in Christ (because He fills the void and the gap and provides order to what is broken or disordered).

The apartment is getting cleaner each day and we are down to only a few boxes of DVDs and knick knacks waiting for a shelf to call home.  It’s refreshing to sit and take a break because the work is nearly done.

I pray that God may bring order to your life in whatever way you need it today.  It’s not just a physical order He wants to bring but a spiritual one.  He wants you to know Him first and to let everything else fall into place after that.  He wants whatever part of you that feels broken or empty to be filled with His love and mercy (He is Love and Mercy).  May God grant you peace today and always.

with love,



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