signing a lease


nate and i signed a lease for an apartment last week – our first real home together.  i say “real” because the past year in missions we have been sharing a house that was picked out for us.  don’t get me wrong it was a great house, filled with lots of fun memories, like mornings beside the fire with hot coffee and that one time my husband ripped pants off our roommate….

i’m excited to have a home that we picked for ourselves.

in the past year we’ve lived in 2 houses so i feel like i know a good deal about what i want and don’t want.

  • want: hardwood floors – i hate carpet almost more then anything, i don’t like to vacuum and i much prefer the look and feel of wood on my feet.
  • want: big kitchen – the kitchen might be my favorite room in the house, it’s automatically warm and inviting. i like to spread out when i cook, take my time, and make it worthwhile so space in the kitchen is a huge factor in picking a home.  and i like to share that time with my friends.  the kitchen is a place of communion and conversation and i need it to be big enough to hold all that love.
  • want: a dog! what is probably even more important to me then a big kitchen stocked with homemade goodies and wine is a having a dog. the first place we were in this year had carpet – no dogs.  the second place we were in this year had nice new hardwood floors – also no dogs.
  • want: a place to walk – a safe neighborhood near nate’s work with lots of parks and places to explore.

i’m happy to report that our new home will have all that i desire and more!  beautiful french doors, new stainless steel appliances, new kitchen counters, cabinets and floors and plenty of space for activities.


come september 1st we will officially be renters of a beautiful apartment in a great area of town and we couldn’t be happier.

here are my hopes for this new home:

  • to be able to host dinner parties and bible studies
  • for it to be a place of hospitality, generosity, warmth, joy and peace
  • to have family and friends visit and stay with us!
  • to become more creative – to write, sew, cook, paint and dream more
  • to welcome a little baby schaff into it

there’s so much more i could probably write but i am dumb with excitement.  this apartment isn’t just a new home for nate and i, it’s part of a new beginning.

we’ve only known life together in missions; this year we worked side by side every day and it has been amazing.  but with new jobs and new missions we will have to adjust and work harder than ever before to grow and serve together. i think we’re up to the challenge.

with love,



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