it’s gonna be a blowout

so this happened today…


i’m not sure how long i was walking around with a giant hole in my pants revealing my beige grandma undies but i do know an apology letter to a coworker i was with this afternoon was just sent. i couldn’t at least have something cute on under those blue jeans?

well, i guess that’s life, this stuff happens. i’m not sure how or when this rip got so large. was it walking around the parish offices maybe? or could it have been on the home visit to interview a women requesting beds from st. vincent de paul for her and her son? perhaps we will never know but i am having faint memories of tearing these jeans in that spot a few weeks ago. i meant to patch them before the blowout but i’ve been away, i haven’t worn them and the initial rip was small….


i guess this is what happens when you live with boys for too long – the makeup comes off, the dumpy ripped jeans come out and you just don’t care anymore.

when i came home to find my underwear staring back at me in the mirror the first thing i did was take a picture and send it to my closest friends and family – priceless.

now for their responses:

“i can’t stop laughing” yeah me neither

“didn’t you feel it rip?” nope

“wow that’s quite a hole” impressive isn’t it

“you must have had everyone in stitches” “nothing is ever as it seams” “lol did everyone rip on you?”

and my personal favorite: “thanks for sharing kiera. i love the picture. i can always look at it when i need to put a smile on my face.”

anything for you mom.

all i can say is what a day.

with love,



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