here goes….part 2

you’re back!  thank you.  really, with all my heart thank you for visiting again.  and if it’s your first time well thank you too!  this is my blog, this is my life, and i’m just getting started – with the blog, not with life….

as scary as it is to write on these pages, i am really excited.  for the past 15 months i’ve thought “i want to write” but have continually made excuses and firmly decided “there’s no time so it’s not the time.”  well folks now is the time.  there’s a verse in the bible that goes: “i am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (is 43:19, NRSV). do you not perceive it?  i do. in fact these last 15 months i’ve perceived it but i just didn’t know what to do with it.

well “now it springs forth” and  i feel like i am stepping into the mission that God has for me. i feel God narrowing my focus in on what he has specifically for me and nate.

it’s exciting.

and the craziest thing is i’m not really afraid that this won’t work out.  what i’m really afraid of is that it will and that God will use my voice to reach so many. but fear is fear and it’s stupid and small and my God is big and brilliant and masterful and good.  so need to worry, i will be back tomorrow.

with love



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