here goes…

hi friend, i’m kiera.  i’m a wife and a missionary and i love cows and dancing to 80’s rock music and taking long baths. my husband, nate, and i are transitioning out of full time missions and ministry into, well, something entirely new.

we joined life teen missions 3 years ago – separately – and spent the first year madly and painfully in love with one another.  4 dates later we were engaged with no money and a world changing love in our hearts.  we married and moved to a small town in st. louis.  we now call ferguson home and we still have no money….

our third and final year as missionaries is now almost over and as i said, we are onto something new.

nate likes to build things and work with his hands; i like to write and clean and walk dogs.  i got this crazy notion that if I started a blog and told stories about my life, people might actually want to read it and that maybe this world changing love could have a place to call home.

in the past 3 years as a missionary i’ve learned more about God than i ever thought possible and i’ve learned more about myself than i ever wanted to know.  i’ve laughed and i’ve cried, often at the same time.  i met an amazing man and became his wife.  it’s both sad and excited and not to mention terrifying as we transition into a life out of missions.  some small part of me feels like it is passing away while another part feels it is in springtime.  something new this way comes.

i want to write for you.  and somehow even though we are across a computer screen i feel connected to you.  i feel encouraged by you.  i feel responsible for you.

i am a missionary and it’s time for a new mission, one with new friends, a new home, a new way of living and hopefully lots and lots of chocolate and babies.  will you join me on this journey?

with love,



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